Bug report

This page describes the known bugs in the site, and corrective action.

No more contact page ?

beacause someone tried to use this contact page for spamming, I have disabled it. didn't find how this was possible, so it remains disabled.
with a litle bit imagination, you'll be able to join my mail adress directly, as my Internet Provider is the same as the server domain : free.fr

Dynamic pictures don't work any more

The last security (sic) updates in Java and browsers now prevent execution of all the unsigned applets (JavaSketchpad)
What is by the way stupid : between allowing a signed applet to do whatever it wants, and executing an unsigned applet in the sandbox, preventing it by Java itself to access the system itself, allowing just calulations and graphic interface, we may wonder which one is safer !!
The applet used in this website is JavaSketchpad by a third party editor, who will certainly not (free applet !) update it and sign it up correctly
this "bug" (impossible to execute applets) is common to many Websites for instance Euclid Elements or the calculator applets in alpertron

to get rid of this restrictiÓon, it is mandatory to explicitely allow Java on these websites, with the Java configuration pannel :

French version of this panel, as my computer is in French !)

Then answer by accepting all the security warnings, or even force these warnings by clicking the "Lego brick" displayed in lieu of unstarted applets
The applet beeing then partially launched before these acceptations, the page might need to be reloaded (CTRL-F5)

Sorry if this is not very graceful but it is the only fix-up, unless to redesign the whole website with no dynamic pictures at all.

Displaying math symbols

All the math characters are coded in Unicode.
The drawback is that it does not work with Internet Explorer !
With an old Windows©, you must download an Unicode font, however you should also change your browser (for instance to Firefox).
The recent Windows© include Unicode fonts with all necessary characters.

Installing an Unicode font unfortunately is not enough with IE : It still refuses displaying character ∓ (minus or plus) and displays a blank insteda of the expected ! Same thing for several other characters. Even when forcing the Unicode font containing the character, some still do not display correctly !
For instance ⇒ displays a blank instead of the expected .

Test of Unicode characters. Everything should display correctly (if IE were not bugged, and if you have a full unicode font).

No fine solution (that is Unicode) on the server side (me), mandatory characters being still impossible to display with Internet Explorer.

palliative :
So that you could continue to use IE (if you persist doing so...), the few recalcitrant symbols with IE (twenty or so) are coded as images, or emulated by a combination of ordinary characters
For instance _|_ instead of , => instead of

Applets and Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer (again...) is fully parano´d about Java applets (since Vista). That is it doesn't comply with the Java rules :
An unsigned applet is run by the Java RE engine in a "security box" which prevents it to gain access to system functions : file system, etc...
Only display in its own window is allowed.
But because of parano´a, IE totally rejects any unsigned applet.
Which is stupid, as signing an applet doesn't guarantee it is safe (as it is then allowed to access the system !).
All applets in this website are then unsigned, which using a normal browser is the safest. Trust beeing upon the SUN Java RE itself : an ill intention applet is just unable to work !

Status :
Sorry for IE parano´a. I won't sign my applets, as this would require the user to accept repeatedly the certificate, preventing a normal navigation. And he could ask why a graphical applet requires the grant of file system access !
Anyway my main applets here are from Key Curiculum Press Inc., so I can't sign them !

Rotten pictures with Netscape/Mozilla

Netscape/Mozilla doesn't display correctly images if they are not fully visible in the page. In particular when scrolling, images become illegible.
This bug depends on the operating system, seems to be a bug in interface between Mozilla and some graphic controllers.
Same bug can be seen on other sites.

palliative correction : You have to force refreshing the display by iconify/restore the window.
Reloading the page can't be used, because it looses the scrolling position.

Scrolling bugs

While scrolling, the class="res" are badly displayed by IE.
Graphic interface bug ?

status : Don't fix. Can't be reproduced everytime.

Bug in tips

Some tips don't appear depending on screen size.

status : Palliative : replace tip positions where required.
new status : NOPE.
However, there is no more tips in new architecture.

Upper frame scrolling

Depending on the window size, the upper menu is not complete : no automatic scrolling hence some menu entries not available.

status : Palliative : enable the auto scrolling in that frame.
this results into a vertical scrolling bar.
new status :
NOPE, no more frames in new architecture.

Missing pictures

Sometimes, some pictures don't display and you have to force reload of these pictures though contextual menu of Internet Explorer. This is not a bug of this site, and occurs also with other sites which have pages with many pictures. It is due to a bad parameter in your browser. RFC recommand not to use more than 3 simultaneous connections per server. Some old versions of windows and some utility programs set this parameter to 10. (We must admit that Microsoft wrote this value 10 somewhere http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=282402).
In any case, many servers, including the one where this site is hosted, discard unnecessary connection, and files requested through these connections are lost.

It would then be better to set this parameter to 3.
This is done by modifiing the Windows Registry, either by hand with regedit, or with a utility like TcpOptimizer
The registry key is :

Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings



Clearly intersecting lines result in no intersect point !
It happens when intersecting Rays or Segments from rotated points, for specific locations of points and angle values.
See Details with a demonstration applet..

status : Palliative : use more accurate angle values, but avoid to intersect lines with vertical or nearly vertical Ray/Segments.
Bug report transmitted to Key Curiculum Press.

IE and CSS

Of course it is well known that Internet Explorer doesn't comply with the W3C and CSS rule !

To have a fixed menu (CSS {position: fixed;}, not known by IE), we have to use other bugs to palliate the bug, then other bugs to etc...
z-index doesn't work either (without too much effort for Bill's pleasure).
When an applet (or some form elements like select and so on) scrolls under the menu, the menu becomes hidden. The applet should go behind the menu.

status :
Will not be corrected, it is Internet Explorer bug to be fixed by Microsoft.
Works fine with any other (true) browser.


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