Linear Diophantine system

This JavaScript solves a linear Diophantine system (in integers). (Method)
System : (second member = constant)

Variable order and incomplete equations :
The variables are defined in the reading order. Thus the system :
2x + 3z = 4
5x + 6y + 7z = 8
is understood as
2x+ 3z= 4
5x+ 7z+ 6y= 8
Variable y being defined after variable z.
If the wanted order is important, fully define the 1st equation with explicit null coefficients :
2x + 0y + 3z = 4
All variables must be in the 1st member, the second being constant.
No constant terms in the 1st member (silently ignored).

Parameters :
The free parameters in the solutions are choosen among the free names in following order :
k m n p q i j r s t u v a b c d e f g h w x y z o l

This program is not suitable for large size systems (JavaScript !!).
There is no fixed limit, but don't try more than about 10 equations or unknowns.


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