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Check : just check syntax and translates.
Show : check then generates applet on the fly in a separate window.
Generating applet on the fly results into a delay on the first time, to set up the Java engine.

Generated script, "Construction value" :


The "Source" field contains the construction's description, in the compiler syntax.
Only this field is modifiable.
The "Construction value" field contains the translation into JavaSketchpad syntax by this compiler.
The symbol table gives the list of all generated objects, with their rank and type.
To include a construction in your own web page, copy paste the "Construction value" field in the corresponding part of your page (inside the <applet> tags, see documentation)
You also may copy from the source of the html page generated by the compiler in the popup window.
This page doesn't allow you to save your work in an other way as copy-pasting.


The compiler syntax is slightly different from that of JavaSketchpad, to avoid the drawback of absolute numbering of items.
For more details about JavaSketchpad®, or for a graphic interface, see the JavaSketchpad web site.
For more details about this compiler, see the help page, and also

Every source line is either
{comments} or
{id} entity (parameters...)[options];
In bold, mandatory part

Example :
{ my construction }
{A} Point (200,300);
{B} Point (300,300)[label('B''')];
{AB} Segment (A,B)[yellow,layer(5)];
{C} Circle (D,E);
Intersect1 (AB,C);

New : Accepts inputs and translates the JavaSketchpad syntax from Declic :
{id} {#num} Entity (parameters...)[options]; and
{#id} {#num} Entity (parameters...)[options]; for auxiliary elements
It is not possible to export to Declic

Differences with JavaSketchpad®

  • Comments are restricted to single lines, no comment inside a command line, except the optional {id} field.

  • The only available image are in the "codebase" directory containing the applet jsp*.jar itself :
    'url.gif' 'img/imglab.bmp' and other buttons

    JavaSketchpad® is the property of Key Curriculum Press Inc.