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Composition of n objects on p heaps
Competition with n players and t courts
Recurrences Iterates a second degree recurrence relation
Continued fractions expansion
The ant shortest path on a box
Cards trick Calculate cards rank in a card trick
Apollonius circles Calculate radius of circles touching 3 others
Descartes formula Calculate the radii of 4 mutually tangent circles
Pythagora Pythagorean triples (right triangles with integer sides)
Pythagora Pythagorean triples with a given side
60░ triangles Integer sides of triangles with 60░ or 120░ angle
Sum of squares Decomposition as sum of 2 squares
Sum of squares Decomposition as sum of 3 and 4 quares
Sum of triangles Decomposition as sum of triangular numbers
Sum of divisors Sum of divisors
Inverse totient Inverse of Euler totient, solve φ(x)=a
Aegyptian fractions Decomposition of p/q (and camels problem)
Equation ax+by=c 1st degree Diophantine equation
Equation ax+by+cz=d 1st degree Diophantine equation in 3 unknowns
Equation ax+by+cz=d linear Diophantine system of n equations in m unknowns
Ternary conversions Conversions base 10 ↔ base 3 ↔ ternary
Weighting plan Weighting plan for the fake coins bags. Sequence with a[i] ± a[j] all unequal
Explorer Number of camels to cross over the desert
PQa algorithm Solve Pell equation x² - Dy² = ±1, continued fraction of quadratic irrational
3rd degree equation Solve ax³ + bx² + cx + d = 0 (Newton)
4th degree equation Solve ax4 + bx3 + cx2 + dx + e = 0 (Newton, manual start)
ROT13 coding Encode and decode ROT13
Scrabble code Encode with Scrabble code (letter → value)
mpf code Encode and decode mpf (kennify/dekennify)
Morse Code Encode into Morse
quadrilateral Area of a quadrilateral - solve for given area
JavaSketchpad compiler Compiler for geometric constructions

Help about this compiler
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