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That page is mainly for me, just to keep trace and plan updates.
It gives you all the news... See also known bugs

xx/06/2012 Add Equilateral in a square
xx/05/2012 Correction bugs in JavaSketchpad compiler when empty strings
Add the Gergonne construction
Add 2 circles in a rectangle
Add Ruler with two parallel edges
Add applet in the keep (shifted tower)
xx/04/2012 My compiler for JavaSketchpad allows input from syntax generated by Declic
Add also the functions for jsp5.jar, and macro creation/edition, a dd accelerator buttons
Revision of the help file, update of zip file
Bug bowling game with IE when spurious window resizing
Palliative : disable JavaScript resizing manager.
Consequence : no more granted that a single row is on a single line
xx/xx/2012 Additions to Soddy points
A few "Sangaku" or alike pb168, pb169, pb170
Add games (bof) : cake of soap, "2012 labyrinth"
Add scripts : compositions of objects in heaps, tournaments, Descartes formula
xx/xx/2011 Miscellaneous corections and additions, the trace of which I don't remeber...
Add scripts : recurrence, equation systems, continued fractions, area of a quadrilateral ... ?)
Misc "exercices", and problems : snail on a rubber band
xx/12/2010 Corrections in Conic sections (wrong contact point in a sketch)
xx/11/2010 Script ax + by = c : display details on Euclides algorithm
The well applet and appendix for cutting in three
lamb and wolf, chasing in a field.
xx/10/2010 pb234 Squares with dominoes
pb235 Folding of a two colour paper sheet
Erased square variation by replacing the points by circles (square tangent to 4 given circles), also golden rectangle instead of square.
and the same with Erased triangle
Construct a triangle with vertices on 3 given lines and sides through 3 given points.
4 rockets problem : add an applet and calculations in general case.
xx/09/2010 pb439 - Triangle given intersections with circumcircle ...
Ladder : add a script for calculations
xx/08/2010 3D Animations of a cube inside a dodecahedron etc.
Code corrections in pb218 (bisections) and jeu301 (bowling)
Pawns : Sort a string of pawns
and corresponding game
Modify the css to hide the top menu when printing
Add links in curved dissections and methods and dissection of crescent to square by Gavin Theobald.
Add repunits which are multiple of a given number
xx/04/2010 Dominoes : Eulerain circuits and domino strings
Constructible intersections of two conic sections
Dissections Show of the general methods (to be continued...)
xx/03/2010 JavaSketchpad© Compiler :
complete the available objects, add usual color chart, applet parameters...
add help and examples, classical constructions and tricks
add exercice Isosceles triangle given inradius and exradius.
add cyclic light paths in a triangle (Fagnano).
xx/02/2010 Publication of solution to the goat problem.
Additions to smallest inscribed equilateral triangle.
Dissections : 3 squares to one - general case
xx/01/2010 Add : Grazing (a tethered goat with 3D constraints)
Additions to Explorer (scripts) for integral stages and delivery
Additions to Dissection : three squares with areas 2:3:4 into one with just 7 pieces.
Exercice Triangle from relations with angle bisector
xx/12/2009 Add : Automodular numbers
Add a script to Taxi-paths
Complete a fractal Zoo in IFS and in L-Systems
Exercice Ellipse (from fr.sci.maths)
    Quadrilateral with half area in a triangle (Hyacinthos)
xx/11/2009 Add Crossing the bridge at night
Exercice Circle etc. (geometriagon)
Add a script to Fibonacci
Add rep-tiles in "bisections"
Add topic Fractales
xx/10/2009 Add Sangaku : three circles in isosceles triangle.
  Sangaku again : four circles in equilateral triangle.
  Powers of 2 beginning by given digits.
  Cayley-Menger determinants, Piero della Francesca formula
Exercice Common tangents to a circle and a parabola
Script Continued fraction expansion from a Javascript expression / value
Game dominoes : add searching a domino
Additions to Point in a triangle
Add my CV
xx/09/2009 Add Isogonal : locii of isogonal conjugates.
Changes to Locii : add proofs
Add Straightedge alone : constructions with straightedge.
   3 circles in a triangle
   related locii
Additions to Arbelos
Typo and language corrections
xx/06/2009 Add Half-perimeter : segment dividing the triangle perimeter in two.
Add Grèbe : three squares inside a triangle
New design of dissections
Improve use of collapsing compass in Mascheroni constructions
xx/05/2009 Add Tilings with irregular pentagons and hexagons
    AHA angles add formula and script for general case, 70° case solution.
    Dissections add square into two squares
Update genapp : add show/hide button in the grid macro
    set scroll to end of field when adding elements
Add chords : points at given distance on two circles
xx/04/2009 Add exercice Segments points equidistant to two segments
Add Pythagorean perimeter Pythagorean triangles with given perimeter or inradius
  Derviche numbers rotate by multiplication
  Prepend prepend a 1 to a square to get a square
  Woodwork cuts of a cube and a prism
  Digited numbers add 12² + 33² = 1233
xx/03/2009 Add Proportions points at distances proportional to x:y:z
  2 rectangles in a square
  2 circles in a triangle
  5 circles in a square
  erased triangle II problem of Cramer-Castillon
Add Bezier (Casteljau construction)
Exercices Centroids in a quadrilateral
  Affine triangle and centers.
Translation of projective conic sections
Add related projective definitions
24/02/2009 Add exercice Imaginary intersections with a conic section
  Steiner ellipse, triangle 1/7 and triangle 1/4
Easier acces to exercices : direct link from home page and general menu
Progressive updates of general menu in pages. However done in index pages.
5/02/2009 Add script Pythagora find Pythagorean triples with given side
26/01/2009 Add topic : Mascheroni (compass alone constructions)
Translation of exercices : Squares (construction with squares only))
and problems : Balance of a picture and a floating cube
  Distances Points at unequal distances
  Ladder add a variant with a barrel.
14/01/2009 Adding "exercises" : Triangle 1/7
  Triangle C = 2A (Geometriagon)
Modifs : Erased square adding an applet
  Matriochkas other method with fixed points of homography.
27/12/2008 Correction Pourings (typo and added diagram)
Adding to Diophantine equations : matrices calculations
And related script
19/11/2008 Added : Diophante Script to solve ax+by+cz=d.
JavaSketchpad for the Apollonius constructions, except CCC and trivials.
Added "exercices" : Conic section, intersect points of conic sections with straightedge alone.
  Hyperscalene Most ordinary triangle.
  Ellipse Minimal ellipse including a given point and ellipse.
  Quadrilateral Construct a quadrilateral given sides and area.
Corrections allready, allways etc...
No language change if file doesn't not exist
--/10/2008 Added exercices : Ceva, two sets of parallel or concurrent lines.
  7 circles around a 8th.
  Pb#855 (geometriagon). Some triangle DEF of maximal area.
25/09/2008 Added : Imperfect squares, tiling a square by squares.
Exercices : Dissect an irregular pentagon into a square.
  Metric relation in a regular polygon.
Minor updates.
Correcting a few more "contents".
   Finished : pba, pbm, pbw, jeux. To do : pbg, themes
Replace 'applets' by 'objects' (for Vista and compliance)
   Finished : pba, pbm, pbw, jeux. To do : pbg, themes
Remains to check if codebase are accepted by Vista/IE7 (OK with Firefox).
(March 2009) However, doesn't add much to simpler "applet" tag. Won't be generalized.
9/09/2008 Added problems : construct a Triangle, given some medians/altitudes etc.
A rose, areas in a rose.
The fly, the classical problem of the spider and the fly, but in a glass.
Correcting a few more "contents" ... (still some).
Better ergonomy for language change in index.html.
21/07/2008 Added problems : Kashikar theorem, line intersecting two circles.
Split a triangle in two parts with same area and same perimeter.
Additions to trigonometric relations.
Exercice : Kashikar (obsolete) and Polygon, strange relation in a (2n+1)-gon.
7/07/2008 Added problem : Application of Miquel circle to triangle construction
Added exercice : Axis of Parabola by paper folding
26/06/2008 Added themes : Euler line and circle,
incircle, inversion, polar, Antiparallel
Games : domino extended to 9×9 dominoes
Added exercices : half disc, tennis balls
04/06/2008 All problems and topics available and bilingual.
The loops game is now as a Java applet (no more image files)
Todo :
Complete the unfinished topics (conic sections, incircle)
"Search the site" feature
Update all description and keywords (and fix the erroneous "contents" into "content")
xx/05/2008 Creation. Transfer of site to
Redesign. Comply with standards (doctypes etc...)
Fixed menu on every page, no more frames.
No more dynamic link display through Javascript (version.js and renvoi.js)
Grouping scripts into scripts and topics into themes.
exe000 → exepyth, sol000 → kpytri
exe001 → exesumsq2
exe001b → exesumsq4
exe001c → exesumtri
exe002a → exediv, sol002 → kdioph
exe005 → exedioph, sol005 → kdioph
The corresponding solutions solxxx giving just the specific case of the problem posed
Rewriting of calculation scripts. No more useless call to server : All results are displayed in DHTML <div>s.
Bug fix in exedioph (on arithmetic overflow).

All the arithmetic problems are done (bilingual).
To do : all others...

Old history of
With big gaps (site updates without history change)
xx/07/2006 Add GF8 (tables for graeco-latin square of order 8)
Bugs in mail function : bad return
Translations :
xx/05/2006 Improve mail functions.
Add Segment, use of collapsing compass
Translations :
28/04/2006 Extend Napoleon theorem, add a JavaSketchpad
Full solution of Inscribed triangle
Add triangle DEF min to Erased triangle
Add nested triangles
Add socks problem (within the Smith sisters problem)
Add Gloves problem
Add inverse variant in erased square
Translations : Pascal and Brianchon theorems
31/03/2006 Add 3D constructions
Shliced numbers link to full listing instead of javascript.
Hastings description of "English method"
Renaldini typo in formula
Correction in aeronautic meeting (typo)
Translations : the ant, the well, Apollonius
06/03/2006 Inscribed triangle
Corrected butterfly theorem (typo)
Hastings English method description
Translations : compass alone, Napoleon problems
21/02/2006 Cards game, direct call with final rank as parameter.
Translations : Point in a square, point in a triangle. Erased triangle, erased square, Fagnano.
21/01/2006 Improve Integer triangles Angle A = n×B
All arithmetic problems are now translated.
(remains geometry and topics)
17/12/2005 Add Max triangle II (in ellipse)
Add Handshakes
exe002a sum of divisors : accept an expression as input.
Translations : divisors, amicable, perfect and Mersenne numbers
Dominoe tiling, Pell equation and related, congruent numbers, Aegyptian fractions, ax+by=c, Bézout, Euclid algorithm, coins, bags, sharing and measure, shliced numbers, two numbers, ink splash, incomplete operations, modular arithmetic, alphametics, digited numbers, matches, smurfs, digited square, clock
Remains 4 pba (pb0xx), no related new topics, then pba will be complete.
Then pbg (31), then remaining of topics (29)
23/11/2005 Rewrite Explorer entirely.
Add Tetrahedron with integer point.
Add Pizza II and improve Pizza (add proof without words)
Add Self cube
Add Resistors
exe001 decomposition as sum of two squares : accept an expression as input.
Knight add variants with misc leapers + program in C
Translations : a few ...
26/09/2005 Improve of Loops : colouring the loops, mark the changed parts, english translation.
Translated :
all games
all misc problems and related topics
15/09/2005 Provision for a full bilingual site
But no additional english pages right now ...
(Just all the common pages are, and at least one topic in each class, so as to validate the process)
Fix a php bug in sending mail : a few isset() missing.
See French version for old history

Coming soon...

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Five coins and seven cigarettes
Number of colouring
Cut an area in two equal parts by any line going through a known point G
More Sangaku
Integer triangles (Heron etc)


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