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The aim of this game is to turn off all lights.
When clicking a button, some lights change their status, that is turn off if they were lit and turn on if they were dark.
This game is a clasical, and exists as a ply box (commercial) and as many online versions or PC software.
A very complete web site.
My own version for PC (Windows) : auto unzip exe file → lights.exe, bwcc.dll and lights.hlp into the directory you choose.
Executable file is lights.exe.
This old program was written in 97 and has never been completed, but works, except for the "file" menu (save etc..) and except for the "standard" input in the "dimension" menu. It will be replaced by a Java applet with more features.

The version of the current page is in JavaScript and allows to mmodify game parameters : location and state of lights on a larger area (up to 10×10), but doesn't automatically solve the problem !


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