The explorer

An explorer wants to cross a desert. To do so, he rents a camel. The camel can carry 20 days of food, but to cross the desert we need 30 days ! The explorer with his camel then puts food dumps in the desert, coming back to his starting point to get more food etc...
In how many days will he cross the desert ? Solution     Details

However, our explorer doesn't manage very well with the camel, and he doesn't find again his food dumps in the desert (because of chacals maybe...). He decides to use bearers. Each bearer, as well as explorer, can carry 20 days of food for one man (as much as a camel, consider a bearer = a camel + a driver). The explorer ends alone, and all bearers return to the starting point. Each bearer must do only one go and return.
How many bearers are required to cross a 30 days desert in 30 days ? Solution     Details

How could he manage to cross a 40 days desert in 40 days ? Solution     Details

The explorer wants now to visit a desert site at a distance of 30 days. He wants to go and return in exactly 60 days. Each bearer must do only one go and return. There is no food at arrival either.
How many bearers ? Solution     Details

What if the steps are integral numbers of days ? Solution     Details

Because of chacals, no food dumps are allowed. How many bearers ? Solution     Details


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