Misc problems

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Lamb and wolf in a field
Bicolour paper folding
Squares with dominoes
Line of pawns
Eulerian circuits and lines of dominoes
Crossing the bridge at night
Tiling with irregular pentagons
Distances Points at unequal distances
Imperfect squares Cut a square into smaller squares
The fly The spider and the fly - revisited
Parcel How to wrap a tape around a parcel
Angles AHA effect on finding angles
Pi gallon Measure Pi gallon
Trains Two crossing trains : a fight
Cards A card trick and generalized
Rope square Geometer´s dance
Parts Cutting in unequal parts
Bisections Dissections in two parts
The ladder On a wall and a box
The corridor Width of corridor with 2 ladders
Crossing over Variations on wolf goat and cabbage
1=2 Logically wrong
The stumps For strong smokers...
Sherlock Holmes Murder in the castle
The museum The guard is a liar...
The knight Path on a chessboard
33cl Fraction spilling
10 trees 10 points on 5 lines
The spacemen Exploring a planet
Taxi Path on a grid
Hexahedrons How many hexahedrons


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