Crossing the river

The wolf the goat and the cabbage

A man wants to cross a river with a cabbage, a goat and a wolf but it can take in his boat only one of them at a time. Of course if the goat stays alone with the cabbage, she eats it. And if the wolf stays alone with the goat, he eats her. How does the man crosses the river ? Solution    Details

The jealous husbands

Three couples want to cross a river. A boat found there can take only two persons. How to cross the river if a wife can't stay with other men without her husband ? Solution    Details
Same problem but with 4 couples. A 3 person boat is required : Solution    Details
With 5 couples and a 3 person boat : Solution    Details

Missionnaries and cannibals

Three cannibals and 3 missionnaries have to cross a river with a 2 person boat.
Of course if on one side there are more cannibals than missionnaries, these are being eaten !
How to cross the river ? Solution    Details


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