The Knight

The Knight in chess game is a strange part : it springs !
Its move can be defined in several ways, diagonal of a 2×3 rectangle, One horizontal/vertical step + 1 diagonal step, nearest not touching square with opposite colour...
No obstacle to that spring (except the arrival square) : don't care of the contents of other squares.
Anyhow, this strange move gives many puzzles.

Knight exchange

On a reduced chess board with 3×4 squares, exchange the 3 white knights and the 3 black knights.
Of course, at any time, only one knight per square !
Solution - Details

Simpler ? may be !

On a 3×3 board, exchange the 2 white knights and the 2 black knights.
Solution - Details

Knight's tours

I feel I must also speak of the knight tour. This ancient problem, may be as old as chess game, asks to walk with a knight all the squares of a chess board once and only once (hence 63 moves). There are many solutions. Could you find one ?
A closed tour, that is a 64th move returns to initial square ?
You could practice on a reduced 3×4 chess board- Solution


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