Rope square

The Geometers fraternity has strange habits.
Every time they meet, they start to strangely dance, what leads them to vertices of a regular polygon, with closed eyes and using only their Ropes.

The Geometers follow the Rules of their Guru :
The Rope shallt thou honour, nither shant thou throw to ground, nither shant thou let at ground,
nither shant thou mark signs on the Rope.
No knot shant thou do, but to join two Ropes.
No other help shant thou requeste.
On ground nothing nither mark shant thou leave.

The Geometer's Rope is a sacred thing, all Ropes are identical, and each Geometer has his own Rope.

When three Geometers meet, the method is easy : they just tighten their Ropes between them and easily build an equilateral triangle.
But with 4 Geometers, how do they build a perfect square ? Solution

With 5 Geometers and a regular pentagon ? Solution
With 6 Geometers ? Solution
With 7 Geometers ? Solution
With 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 ... Geometers ?



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