Again a pouring problem... here we allow what is usually forbidden : partial pour.
Well, not to abuse, say that we allow to pour partially out of a container depending on its geometry, only if the open surface of liquid reaches a specific level perfectly identified.
For instance, a cylindric container could be poured to 1/2 when the surface reaches simultaneously the edge and the bottom.
Say that containers are transparent to watch the level...
It is forbidden to draw marks on the containers and we have only the given containers.

A rectangular container

We have an empty glass of unknown volume (but greater than 33cl) and a 1 liter pitcher, whose shape is a square base prism, completely full.
Measure 33cl (1/3 liter indeed) into the glass, spilling allowed. Solution

An hexagonal prism

Same, but the pitcher's shape is an hexagonal base prism. Solution

A frustum

The 1 liter pitcher is a frustum, opening diameter is 10cm, bottom diameter is 63mm. Solution



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