Curriculum Vitae

Born 1948 in Paris (France), he spent his childhood near Paris, then in Normandy and Brittany. He studied in Caen at ENSICAEN and became Electronics engineer.

Long since enthousiastic about mathematics, and generally science, he naturally went into a technical career. First in electronics, and soon more and more in data processing, with the growth of microprocessors.
Back to Paris, he worked at LMT (Le Matériel Téléphonique) in the simulator department, then at Alcatel CIT in public telephon systems. The motto of his career is computers and specifically hardware. But the training of users and customers, the writing of test programs and software tools, vary his qualification.

Outside his professional occupations, but still in the same mind, he designed in 1980 a personal computer, as member of the "odd job club" of the firm. His electronic leisure activities turn more and more into software and programming, joining his liking for mathematics, and writing programs for solving recreational puzzles.
The Internet extent, and some free time, prompt him to share this passion and build this Web site.

In a completely different range, his hobbies are
Classical music :
more precisely ancient music
Plays the classical guitar as an amateur, sang operette a few years in a choral society. Now singing in "La Lupinelle".
Mountain sports :
Rock climbing (voluntary guide in the Club Alpin Français), trekking, hiking.
Readings :
Science fiction, fantasy, detective stories, scientific journals.
Games :
Chess, crosswords, puzzles.
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